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Welcome to the Trademark Selection homepage. Our main business activity is to publish the Trademark Selection Catalogue which is an annual unofficial, yet international catalogue of registered trademarks.

Our TM Division maintains the Trademark Selection Catalogue which is a wide-ranged repository of information on trademarks around the whole world. Trademark Selection Catalogue’s role is to provide a guide for branded goods and services with full particulars such as company name, address, international classification of goods and/or services and the image/description of the protected intellectual property.

The Trademark Selection Catalogue is a structured and assorted list of businesses that possess a registered trademark. Our main aim is to create a guide for these branded goods and/or services, and to give a global impression of new trends including designs, intellectual properties, newly registered companies, etc. Experts working in the trademark and other various sectors of the international economy should be acquainted with the latest trends, as this is critical in successfully navigating today’s increasingly complex marketplace.

Although the Trademark Selection Catalogue is updated on an on-going basis, data on trademarked businesses are released annually. The next release of our publication is going to be in Autumn.

The date of closure of the catalogue of 2016 is set for 17 October, 2016.

All registrations received after 17 October, 2016 will appear in our next catalogue.

If you need more information about how to register and list your trademark or service mark in the upcoming Trademark Selection Catalogue, please do not hesitate to contact us.